Cherry Scones {by}

Cherry Scones

The last week was again very quite here at Icing Sugar. But I really don't want to apologies again, but instead show you some beautiful pictures of our trip to Davos, that's where we spend the last weekend. We really try to get the most out of summer, because before you know it, it will Read More


Orange, Apple, Pear and Mint Smoothie {by}

It has been a bit quiet here the last few days... My instagram followers may know why, I went to Milan! It was a very spontaneous idea as I was super busy for weeks to prepare for an important exam. Last week I was finally relieved from all this pressure and passed it! :D So Continue Reading


My June …

My June

How can June already be over? Is it me or is time flying? You are probably thinking the same, right? I was just thinking here comes summer and suddenly the first month of summer is already gone. So far I am actually doing pretty good, I have already used cherries, redcurrant, blueberries and a lots Continue Reading


Blueberry Mint Tart

Blueberry and Mint Tart  {by}

I am completely in tart making mood lately. Can you blame me with all those amazing summer berries around? Last week I showed you my Redcurrant Tart in my brand new rectangular tart tin. I was so in love with my new tin that I immediately made two tart versions. Initially I planned to show you the Continue Reading


Watermelon and Pineapple Smoothie {by}

It seems that lately I fulfill a lot of my wishes. First I got this rectangular tart pan, than I finally got a food processor and blender. Since then I am unstoppable and almost every day I throw whatever I can find into it. I have to admit so far I have no real talent for Continue Reading


Redcurrant Tart

Redcurrant Tart {by}

I finally have a rectangular tart pan! Something that simple can make me so happy :) I know it sounds stupid, I mean it is after all just a small little tart pan. But I just love this simple straight design and I was looking in every shop and all over the internet but couldn't Continue Reading